Hurricane Matthew Devastates Haiti

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The Haitian people were making significant progress rebuilding and recovering from the devastating earthquake of January 12, 2010, when they were hit on or about October 3-4, 2016, with a category 4-5 Hurricane Matthew in the Southern section of Haiti packing sustained winds blowing at up to 145 miles an hour or more, sending waves of ocean water to inundate the population.

The section hit by this fierce hurricane is a Peninsula bordered by water on 3 sides in the Southeast section of the country. The entire population of the areas hit by the Hurricane has been affected significantly.

The following are some of the facts:

  • The number of lives lost is more than 1000 with 172,000 persons are in shelters
  • 1.4 million Individuals are waiting for urgent humanitarian assistance of food, clothing and medical care
  • 80% of the houses have been impacted by either being blown down, by loss of sheet metal roofs, by inundations of the structures with the massive overflow of the waters
  • Agriculture which is the mainstay of the area which is also one of the bread baskets of the nation has been devastated
  • There has been massive loss of farm animals such as cows, goats, pigs and poultry which have been killed by the hurricane
  • The city centers are flooded with sea water. There is no electricity, no fuel and drinking water is scarce
  • The water is contaminated by the mudslides created by the Hurricane and the presence of dead animals
  • Diseases are flourishing, particularly cholera which was introduced in Haiti by UN Nepalese soldiers who have contaminated the natural rivers of the nation by dumping their sewage
  • The major bridge connecting the affected section with the rest of the country was damaged to such an extent as to impede entry to deliver humanitarian assistance
  • Passage for light vehicles was created to facilitate delivery of assistance after significant delay
  • Major structures such as schools are either damaged or being used for shelter
  • In certain coastal villages, the waves have destroyed cemeteries and exhumed corpses (some of which have died of Cholera)

Some relief has started to arrive. However, the masses of people are sleeping in open air under the sky. Many do not have food clothing, shelter, medical care (inclusive of mental health care).

The Haitian Congress to Fortify Haiti is a 501(c) 3 organization founded since 2006. It has experience in providing relief in Haiti. It has coalesced with other organizations on the local and national levels to provide such relief, however,
the Haitian Congress is seeking matching funds to purchase a water purification system to provide 30,000 gallons of water per day.

See Worldwater & Solar Technologies


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